BioCDN launch!

This week, we launched BioCDN, our own local Content Delivery Network. This puts us on the path to a more polished system for storing local and external libs. Before this, we were …

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Node.js: The New Swiss Army Chainsaw

Jude and I are giving a talk at Campus LISA 2015 this Wednesday, exploring a variety of uses for Node.js. Below are some resources we used for the talk, plus some interesting extra …

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developer info panel

Amber Decorator

A project I’ve been continuously developing is a decorator (or navigational wrapper) that pairs with the Amber styles and tools. It’s built on top of bootstrap and JQuery, and the first …

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News Stencil (with warnings)

News Stencil

Formerly the News Article Generator, the News Stencil project is close to completion. As I was developing this tool, it became apparent that this type of templating would be very …

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current version of the app

News Article Generator (WIP)

Currently working on a prototype of a tool that creates a news article and numerous static components that reference the article on our main website. Matthew Fedder in ACMS originally …

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How we conspired with the color wheel…

…for better content recognition! Something I’ve been wanting to implement for a while is various colors for elements on our lists. Why? Well, lists are: The easiest way for us …

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No explanation required

Tablesorter makes happy users

It’s become clear that this dev blog has become too much status-update, not enough juicy technique-discussion! Jude has suggested a remedy: cutting the reports down to every other week, and …

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6/16 Ultra quick report

Because sometimes you don’t have time for a full report. So I’m gonna be a cheat-ah. Accomplished last week Launched research with our new faculty lists and profiles! Went pretty …

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6/6 Racing on the streets of Biological Sciences

Races driven Amber internal decorator – mockup completed, tag lib roughed out Directories refresh – 1st round using new views, ready for edits next week Started implementing “division roles” tables …

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Waffle breakfast at our Spring Cleaning day

Spring Cleaning

Projects scrubbed ‘n’ bubbled Branded Portal v1 as the Biology Toolbox, a sortable/detailed list of resources for all biology employees. We named it something different to avoid people confusing it …

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