Spring Cleaning

Waffle breakfast at our Spring Cleaning day
Waffle breakfast at our Spring Cleaning day

Projects scrubbed ‘n’ bubbled

  • Branded Portal v1 as the Biology Toolbox, a sortable/detailed list of resources for all biology employees. We named it something different to avoid people confusing it with the more robust Project Aperture.
  • Extended decorator to include tablesorter tag, and added it to the directories and 199 list. We will be revamping the directories soon, so this is just to hold us over!
  • Organized CMS assets (esp block content)
  • Added a flag to dwo_faculty_profile_info to track if a profile has been made for a faculty member yet

Fantastic new cleaning product!

Did our first Spring Cleaning day! We had a saturday work day to pay down some technical debt, but made it a fun day by incorporating games (pay a chip to whoever catchs you saying someone else’s name who’s present, and a blind soda tasting challenge), having a waffle ‘n’ donut breakfast, and a movie lunch! It was lots of fun but we also got a lot of little tasks done that we had been avoiding..

Messes that required bleach

No big messes!

Dust bunnies swept under the rug (for the next week)

  • Portal project preview for Melanie
  • Prepping for research section launch on Monday!!
  • Further exploration of webkit and cmd line tools/stored procedures