News Article Generator (WIP)

Currently working on a prototype of a tool that creates a news article and numerous static components that reference the article on our main website. Matthew Fedder in ACMS originally created this tool for us in PHP. I am expanding the functionality and recreating it in node.js, so we can continue to expand it.

current version of the app
current version of the app

Tricks the app must perform

  • parse dates and reformat
  • show/hide components
  • use complex text editor (we are playtesting here for use in our faculty/staff-friendly apps, esp dealing with copy+paste from word)

Tools for the job

  • express: webapp framework
  • jade: templating
  • sass: stylesheets
  • grunt: distribution/babysitting my sass
  • nodemon: file watching
  • moment.js: date parsing (really excited about this module – makes date parsing really easy on the server)

UX notes

  • a page split allows for easy visible edits, but I’m adding a collapsible feature for concentrating on one side at a time
  • timestamp on formatted content helps user orient their changes

What’s it currently do?

  • automatically inputs current date on load
  • creates a form for inputing news elements from a JSON file
  • adds CKeditor to specified text areas
  • submits raw goods to server, which spits templated content back at user
  • parses and formats dates

What’s left?

  • add “copy this section” (fake copy to clipboard, possibly Trello-style)
  • add cms links
  • add images/related links (multiples)
  • styles/finishing touchs
  • testing and deployment