News Stencil

Formerly the News Article Generator, the News Stencil project is close to completion.

News Stencil

News Stencil (with warnings)

As I was developing this tool, it became apparent that this type of templating would be very helpful in other areas of the main site like job postings, events, and publications. To give the tool type a bit of branding, I’m calling them ‘stencils’.

I tried out a few new techniques in this project –

  • sticky buttons with sticky anything – to keep the submit button at the top of the screen as the user scrolls down, letting it be easily accessible even if the form is long and complicated
  • form data persistance with garlic.js – I tried this but didn’t implement it. The library is  great, but because much of the content that needs to be persisted is in special fields that either need to generated or initialized, it’s not too useful here
  • a dashboard-style summary of the article for quick checking – identifies major features (spotlight? award?) and assets of the article, and throws up a warning for missing major pieces
  • side-by-side layout – even after stenciled, the content can be easily updated, encouraging a more flexible and transparent workflow. A timestamp in the upper corner lets the user track their last update

News Stencil (sticky submit button)
Icing on the cake (things I’d like to add that I haven’t gotten to yet) –

  • animations: to clarify buttons
  • more sophisticated data persistance (or a save feature)