About Unknotted

Welcome to our development blog

Our main role as the Division Web Office (DWO) is to build and maintain the main website for the Division of Biological Sciences at UC San Diego. Beyond that, we help with projects that enhance the user experience of division resources on the web.

This site chronicles our projects, experiments and pursuit of making the web a better place. The name Unknotted was inspired by the concept of a Gordian Knot – a seemingly impossible problem that can easily be solved with a creative, or possibly unorthodox, solution.

Nicole has a background in fine art and is an amazing illustrator and artist who does video game development in her free time. Katie started out with a cognitive science degree and progressed to event management and  graphic design before finding her true love, the interwebz.

Together, we are not the web team the division wanted, but the one it deserves!

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